Solid Board Cartons and Boxes

Solid Board Cartons and Boxes for Packaging

Prespac Limited are packaging manufacturers and provide solid board cartons and solid board boxes on a national scale. We can tailor the designs and styles to suit you as a company and your individual product specifications.

About our Packaging Cartons and Boxes

Produced from virgin fibre or recycled carton board, the boxes and cartons we supply can all be printed on using beautiful graphics. These graphics add value to your cartons to make them look eye-catchingly good. The idea is to make your cartons, boxes or solid board containers look as good as possible and design them in such a way that your products look appealing on the eye, which will in turn lead to more revenue. Being experts in packaging supplies and specialising solid board carton printing and solid board box printing, Prespac Ltd can help you today.

Using a professional approach, we can ensure your cartons look cutting-edge and ready for the shelves or your product packaging. If you need help with the design, our team of in-house graphic designers are always on hand to help you along the way. If you already have the designs laid up and you need a company to print them for you, Prespac are here for you too. We offer an extensive range of carton styles, materials and printing options for you to choose from which will enhance the way your products look and help promote your business in a healthy manner.

As dedicated carton printers, Prespac Ltd are able to provide you with plain solid board boxes or printed solid board boxes, which are all available to order in bulk. On top of this, we also offer Litho Laminated Cartons and Boxes, as well as Corrugated Cartons and Boxes.

Whatever your needs are for robust carton or box solutions, Prespac can help you in all of your endeavours, producing the very finest cartons and boxes in all the land. For many years now we have been working with businesses across the UK and we understand exactly what it takes to produce fantastic results that you and your customers will acknolwedge and appreciate.

Why not contact us today and ask for a free quote on solid board cartons and boxes. We look forward to hearing from you soon!