Litho Laminated Cartons and Boxes

Litho Laminated Cartons and Boxes for Packaging

Prespac offer an all-round comprehensive service when it comes to packaging including cartons and boxes. As part of this comprehensive service, we can provide you with litho laminated finishes which enhance the look and feel of your product packaging. With years of experience in the carton printing industry, Prespac Ltd have developed a great reputation for producing high quality litho laminated cartons, which look excellent when applied to a product, and shelved in the real world!

As a company we have worked closely with a variety of clients across the country providing packaging supplies and know exactly what it takes to create high quality litho laminated solutions. Prespac are capable of manufacturing in a variety of corrugated flutes which includes double wall. On top of this, we can design and manufacture flat die-cut or multi-point glued solutions, which includes cartons, boxes and sleeves. When it comes to litho laminated finishing we have the ability to give your product the packaging it deserves.

Our folding carton and solid board boxes and packaging material can all be finished with lithographic lamination. If you are looking for a company who cares about your products and the way they look on the shelves, please be sure to contact Prespac Ltd today and speak to one of our dedicated team regarding litho laminated cartons or litho laminated boxes.

We seek 100% customer satisfaction everytime and by paying attention to the little details, we can work together to produce eye-catching litho laminated cartons. Make your litho laminated carton, a Prespac litho laminated carton!

Choose Prespac for your Litho Laminated Cartons / Boxes

When it comes to packaging companies, Prespac are able to help you in a number of ways. Not only can we produce high quality cartons and boxes, we can use a range of different techniques to achieve the desired results. Litho Laminated is just one of these many techniques that can be used to create eye catching finishes to help your products stand out on the shelves. Whatever ideas you have in your head, please get in touch because we'd love to hear them!