Folding & Gluing

Folding and Gluing

No carton, box, or container is complete until it has been folded and glued. This is the process that transforms a piece of flat material into a finished 3D article. All boxes and cartons need holding together in one way or another, and by folding the blank along pre-creased lines and applying an adhesive, your product can be held together easily and effectively.

Based in Coventry, West Midlands, Prespac Ltd have a vast amount of experience in the folding-gluing industry, using tried and tested techniques to ensure your product packaging is held together in an efficient manner. Folding and gluing is suitable for use in conjunction with a variety of materials, including; solid board; litho-laminates; plastics; varnished boards; corrugated board. If you live in Coventry and you are looking for a company who provides folding and gluing services on a commercial level, please be sure to contact Prespac Ltd today.

Being experts in the carton industry, Prespac can provide a speciality gluing service to people living in Coventry and the surrounding West Midlands area. Understanding the way packaging works is just the start. Prespac can work closely with you in the manufacturing process so you can learn more about how folding and gluing works. By using renowned methods of folding and gluing, we can ensure your cartons, boxes and all types of packaging are fully functional and combine well with your products.

With our sophisticated folding and gluing systems, we can help transform your flat materials into eye-catching packaging for use in the business world. As dedicated folders and gluers offering our services to the people of Coventry and the UK, Prespac are here to help you in any way we can. Make sure you get in touch to ask us any questions you might have. 

Contact Prespac Ltd today and speak to us about our folding and gluing techniques!