Envelope Gluing

Envelope Gluing

Envelopes come in all shapes, sizes and colours, but one of the most important things about envelopes is the glue that holds them all together. Envelope glue needs to be strong enough so that letters and important documents don’t open in the post. Because of this, Prespac offer a range of envelope gluing services to suit you and your businesses needs. From self seal envelopes to remoistenable envelopes and envelopes with permanent adhesive, we here at Prespac have you covered!

Self Seal Envelope Glue

Prespac offer a range of envelope gluing solutions that includes Self Seal Adhesive. This substance will only adhere to itself, and won’t require moisture to stick either. All you need to do is press the surfaces that have been glued together and you will have one efficiently glued envelope.

Permanent Envelope Glue

This form of gluing is used to create pockets on a specific material, or for welding side seams. Applied hot, permanent glue bonds strongly to the paper during the folding process and is far less tacky than other glues when cool.

Remoistenable Envelope Glue

Used on most types of envelope, remoistenable adhesive is activated when moist. This is the type of glue you will be familiar with licking at Christmas time and Birthdays, and works well once the adhesive is moist.

Fugitive Envelope Glue

This type of adhesive is clear and removable, meaning once stuck, you can unstick the materials in question. Fugitive Glue seals the material in an economical way so that documents aren’t destroyed when you attempt to unstick paper.

Pressure Sensitive Envelope Glue

Otherwise known as peel and seal, or stick and tack, Pressure Sensitive Envelope Glue is used in the tape application process. Generally used with heavier bond paper, pressure sensitive adhesive runs along a flap and sticks efficiently to the opposing surface once pressure has been applied.