Die Cutting

Die Cutting Services in Coventry & the West Midlands

Prespac Ltd are a Coventry based company offering Die Cutting services to people living in the West Midlands and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a different cut or fold to impress your customers with your marketing materials, be sure to contact us today and ask for a FREE quote on our die-cutting services.

Die Cutting is a form of manufacturing used to generate high volume duplicates of the same shape from a particular material. This material could be wood, plastic, metal or fabric, just to name a few. The shapes from the die-cut are often referred to as “blanks” due to the fact they are usually finished and decorated before being sold. The process of die-cutting is used on a wide range of materials all over the world, with many of the manufactured products that we find in the world today incorporating some form of die cut component. These are generally assembled together in a series of steps to produce a finished article.

Prespac Ltd of Coventry, West Midlands, specialise in die-cutting paper products, including business cards, cartons, folders and leaflets. Finished articles could also take the form of keys, paper products or flat plastic pieces which can be snapped together. 

Whatever your thoughts and ideas are for using die cutting to enhance your printed materials, speak to Prespac today and we can talk to you about your different options and the pricing structure we have available, One of our friendly team will gladly answer any questions you have about die cutting and help you to make an informed decision.

Choose Prespac for Die Cutting

If you are interested in using die-cutting techniques to create crisp creases and clean cuts, please be sure to contact Prespac Ltd today and speak to one of our Coventry based printing experts. We hope to hear from you soon!