CD Wallet Gluing

CD Wallet Gluing

Prespac offer CD wallet gluing on a commercial scale and have the technology in house to cope with a range of CD wallet designs. We have worked with hundreds of clients across the country who require professional finishes, and know exactly what it takes to produce high end results every single time. When you come to Prespac for your wallet gluing needs, you are sure to receive a high level of customer care, combined with cost effective solutions that will save you time and money in the long run.

The adhesives we use are strong and the machinery we use is versatile. Most tabs you see on CD wallets are narrow and you will generally struggle to find machines that can cope with the demands of narrow tabs, but Prespac have the technology to glue CD wallets with narrow tabs. This alone puts us ahead of our competitors who aren’t able to do what we do.

If you are looking for a folder/gluer for your CD wallet needs, make sure you contact Prespac today and speak to us about your requirements.

Producing CD Wallets

For many years now, Prespac have been producing CD Wallets for the people of the UK. As well as producing your CD Wallets for you, we also have the ability to work with you on the design, as well as folding and gluing the finished product. Thanks to the comprehensive CD Wallet service we are able to offer, many companies around the UK come to us whenever they require CD Wallets producing.

If you aren't so clued up with CD Wallets, what the design involves and what it takes to glue them together professionally, it's best to get in touch so that we can give you all the relevant information to move forward effectively. Call us for a FREE QUOTE today.